My little garden

My tiny garden is where I practice my macro photography skills. I have grown a variety of annual and perennial flowering plants and shrubs on the ground and in pots. I keep the back of my garden overgrown with flowering weeds, tree ferns and small trees to attract butterflies, other insects and birds.

My garden, flora

My garden, flora

Front view of my garden. I built wooden shelves along the perimeter wall for my potted plants.

My garden, flora

Bonsai, carnivorous and succulent plants.


One of my favorite plants is tree fern (Cyathea latebrosa).


Most butterflies are attracted to Lantana camara. It is also a food plant for Zizula hylax.


The crimson flowers of the Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica) are fragrant.

My garden, flora

The trunk and branches of bougainvillea (center) are covered by various species of epiphytic orchids.

My garden, flora

My garden, flora

My garden, flora

My garden, flora

My garden, flora

Photographs of some of the flowers in my little garden. First row (l-r): Zinnia augustifolia, Catharantus roseus, Gloxinia, Zinnia elegans.
Second row: Melastoma, Bauhinia kockiana, Torenia fournieri, Bidens pilosa.
Third row: Ipomoea, lotus, Episcia cupreata, Alpinia purpurata.
Last row: Lantana montevidensis, Turnera ulmifolia, Quisqualis indica, water lily.

My garden, flora

First row (l-r): Aster, Adenium, Passiflora, Cattleya.
Second row: Begonia, African violet, Melampodium cinereum, balsam (Impatiens balsamina).
Third row: Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, Hydrangea, African violet, Phalaenopsis violacea.
Last row: Gloxinia, Platycodon grandiflorus, Plumeria rubra, Acalypha reptans.


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